Compatible Match - Are You Getting the Cold Shoulder?

Published: 16th July 2009
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You're in a relationship with someone who is a compatible match to you; however, lately you've been feeling that you've been getting the cold shoulder from your partner. Is there a way for you and your partner to work through this trying time?

One goal that you should focus on is that you need to have open lines of communication with your partner. Try the direct approach first and ask your partner why he or she is giving you the cold shoulder. Of course, this may not be so easy, especially since your partner is not necessarily speaking to you at the moment. So how do you break through the ice that has formed over your partner's heart and get to the root of the problem and work towards a solution.

It may take some time to get through to your partner, so you should give him or her the necessary space and not pressure a response right away. However, don't wait too long to bridge the communication gap because you don't want to allow conflict to take route and destroy your compatible match. If you don't discuss things in a genuinely honest way, you will forfeit your chance at happiness.

If you had to give your partner more time before bridging the communication gap, then decide what is the best way to speak to your partner. Is your partner the type of person that has a need to resolve conflicts quickly work through the issues by instantly trying to discuss the problems? Or is your partner more subdued when it comes to dealing with conflicts and he or she wants to avoid any communication on the issue? Is your partner somewhere in between when it comes to conflict resolution? It's so important to ascertain how your partner deals with conflict resolution so that you can deal with the situation in the way he or she can understand and hopefully, stop giving you the cold shoulder. Even though you both are a compatible match, it's so highly important to still trying to understand your partner and how he or she operates as a partner.

If your partner has a need to instantly work through the conflicts, then you should have a good response from him or her when you try the approach of directly asking what the problem is. You need to find out if you have offended your partner in any way and that's why he or she is giving you the cold shoulder. If your partner is this type of person, he or she will be so open to express his or her feelings and why there is a problem. So why didn't your partner just simply tell you what the issue was to begin with if he or she likes to express feelings so freely? Your partner must have been so offended by something you did that he or she wanted you to notice the feelings of offense emanating from his or her heart.

If your partner clams up during conflict and does not want to discuss anything with you, you know you have your work cut out for you. It's worse for the situation if you try to force your partner to discuss the issues if he or she is not ready yet. The conflict becomes more involved when you are the type of person who likes to work through the issues right away and your partner doesn't. Just remember that you are a compatible match and you want to work through the conflict and remain in the relationship. You need to allow your partner to have the space he or she needs.

When you do have that breakthrough and are able to reach your partner, you need to find out why your partner was giving you the colder shoulder and then ask what you did to offend him or her. Hopefully, once your partner sees that you are trying to find out why he or she is offended, then your partner will be more open and communicate with you and you can work through this conflict.

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