Dating Women - Set Dating Relationship Goals

Published: 30th June 2009
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When you're dating women, it's important to set relationship goals. At some point, she's going to want to know where she stands. She's going to want to know if you're serious or if it's just a passing fling. And she won't know unless you tell her.

Decide Where You're Headed

After dating women for awhile, you'll know that women have certain expectations of relationships. Some people expect this to include kids. Others expect a wedding ring. If you're dating women, you need to expect that at some point, the conversation will come up. She will want to know where you want the relationship to go. And she will expect you to tell her.

When you start a relationship, you might not know where you're going with it. But after a few weeks or a few months, most people will know what they want. When you're dating women, you're going to have to discuss your relationship goals at some point. One important thing to remember about your relationship goals when you're dating women is they'll change. When you're setting relationship goals, for yourself some things to keep in mind include:

*Goals should be long-term
*Goals should be satisfying for both people
*Goals should be specific
*Goals should be realistic
*Goals should be shared with the other person

The problem a lot of men who are dating women have is when the women set the goals and then expect the men to meet them. Without telling them they have the goal or expectation. The women just expect men to know that's what they want. Whether you're a man dating a woman or a woman dating a man, you DO need to discuss any goals you set. Otherwise, you're killing your relationship, and you probably don't even realize it.

Considerations for Relationship Goals When Dating Women

Dating women means there are more expectations than deciding where you want to go. You also need to decide how you can be a better partner, especially after you've been dating awhile. These can be as simple as talking when you're upset about something the other person did or making plans to communicating every day. Anytime you're in a relationship with women, you need to set relationship goals to keep your relationship healthy. The purpose of setting relationship goals when you're dating women is to create a better dating experience.

One way to set relationship goals when you're dating women is to sit down at dinner and discuss it. Or for holidays, you can give one another something that has a relationship goal you'd like to work on. If you've been fighting, you can write a letter stating that you can work on such and such. And the two of you can set goals together. Some relationship goals you can consider setting include:

*Discussing ways to nurture one another
*Talking about ways to make the relationship more fun
*Coming up with new ways to solve problem
*Being intimate with one another
*Discussing how religion, hobbies, sports and other things will affect your relationship - and their place
*Making time to do the things you want to do
*Setting up times to spend time together

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