How to Date Again After Not Dating For A While

Published: 17th July 2009
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Dating again after a break-up can be very emotional and a person needs to reflect on what they want, where they are going and the kind of person they want to get there with. Often individuals start dating right away following a break-up. As long as it is with the realization that this is being done more for self-esteem issues than for a committed dating relationship, dating again is fine right after a break-up. But, if a person is looking for a committed dating relationship that could become a long-term commitment, they must be aware of the problems that can arise from dating too soon following a breakup.

Usually the person dumped will fall into the same type of dating relationship when they begin dating again. If they were an enabler in the old relationship it is very easy to just pick up where they left off and begin enabling a new person. When this happens the dating process usually doesn't go beyond a "Hi, how are you." These dating relationships are usually doomed to fail for the same reasons the first one failed.

It is very important after a break-up to decide what you want in a dating relationship. If you broke-up because the relationship wasn't going in the direction you wanted, be sure to share that information with the next potential date you meet. When dating again, you will want to be sure that you make your goals one of the important discussions you have with your date before a commitment is made.

Reflect on why the dating relationship ended. It is not always one person's fault that a relationship doesn't work out. Be objective and make a conscious effort to see where in the relationship you could have done things a little differently. Was communication an issue? Did control play a part in the destruction of the dating relationship? Before you start dating again you will want to identify those areas where you can use improvement and the characteristics in a potential date that will be a deal breaker. That way you can move to friend status before any unnecessary emotional payment must be made.

Dating again after a breakup can be a terrifying experience but it is also an opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate the person you are and the person you want to have a committed dating relationship with. It is important that you use that opportunity to find a potential dating partner that will fit your needs.

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