Introduction Dating - Does Age Really Matter With Dating Relationships?

Published: 18th May 2009
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Does age really matter in the dating relationship? It's basically a matter of perspective. There are no right or wrong answers to this question. In this introduction dating article, one of the main points to discuss is that this is a question that needs to be answered by you and you alone and hopefully, you will find a compatible mate who is like-minded in his or her views on the subject.

One point to take into consideration is whether or not you feel that the age difference will affect your lifestyle and the goals you wish to accomplish. For example, if you are the older partner in the dating relationship, you have more life experience and may be the more mature one. However, maturity is relative to each specific person and does not depend on age, but rather emotional health and well-being. As an older single, it's very likely that you have different goals than someone who is younger. It's just part of life and it's a fact. In the final analysis, the end result will be up to you and how you feel on dating someone with less life experience and emotional maturity.

It's very important to be in a relationship with someone whom you have similar interests and hobbies. Playing together cultivates emotional intimacy and commitment. If your age differences don't hinder this intimacy, then go for it.

There will be people that don't agree with big age differences in dating relationships and some of those people might even be in your family and friend group. If you can deal with their criticisms, whether right or wrong, and not allow offense to root, then you can handle being in such a dating relationship. However, if you will allow the negativity from friends and family and even strangers, to affect you and your partner, then it might not be a good idea to get involved in such a relationship.

In our society, it has been quite acceptable for the male in the relationship to be quite older than the female. It was not always acceptable for women to be the older partner; although now it is more currently acceptable.

Another aspect that you need to take stock of is the fact that with an age difference comes the varying degrees of physical aging. For example, if there is a 20-year age difference, it is an obvious fact to state that the older partner will be physically older than you. You say, that's common sense and why should it be mentioned? It's a point the needs to be brought out into the open because you may not have too much of a problem with the age difference at 20 years old being with a 40 year old partner, but will you feel the same when you're the 40 year old and your partner is 60 years old. If you've been together for a long time and fallen in love, then it won't matter, but it is a possibility that once you hit 40 years old and your partner hits 60 years old, that you may feel differently about his or her older physical appearance and you then start to think the grass is greener on the other side.

Many people don't always think about the complications that could be involved down the road, and they rush into a relationship with extreme age differences without thinking. I'm sure many times things work out for those couples. However, that is not always the case and you need to take this step with a level head since there are more difficult scenarios to deal with than being involved in a close age relationship.

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