Learning to be Selfless In A Dating Relationship

Published: 10th September 2009
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This is no manual to learn to be selfless with your partner for a mature dating relationship. This is just a glimpse of selflessness and how it affects any relationship. Selfless love is regarded as knowing the Almighty, the God. A true unconditional love, kindness and giving without expecting to get back in a mature dating relationship are the major attributes of being selfless if they are nowhere related to any self glorification. A mature dating relationship with selfless love has the power to sustain forever enduring all kinds of circumstances. To understand, experience and achieve selfless love one must have diligence over his heart and mind, must have great patience and strong faith as when you will start working towards this, you will be required to undergo several self improvements accepting your mistakes till the glory of your selfless love brightens your relationship along with the selfish surroundings.

For any reason whatsoever, you should never hurt the person you love just because of your selfish reason and if it ever happens then learn from your mistakes, accept it and fix it as soon as possible. Never ever put restrictions on your significant part just for your satisfaction, set it free if you consider the bond between you and your partner as a mature dating relationship. To be selfless in a mature dating relationship means to display your affection at all times and not just some times for the sake of any self motive. If both of you are sharing a mature dating relationship then both of you should take care of each other's likes and dislikes without any compulsion and should enjoy every part of it rather than doing it for compulsion and getting upset over it. There should not be any pressure by both of you on each other to go according to likes and dislikes; otherwise you are again displaying an act of selfishness here.

You cannot be entirely selfless in your life but the least that is expected ethically is to be selfless with the person whom you consider your soul mate. The way you cannot be selfless to yourself, the same applies to your soul mate, your significant part. Displaying any act of selfishness in the kind of mature dating relationship that you share with your life partner is to abuse your love. Selfless love is the main ingredient for a mature dating relationship to grow and prosper with time. The mature dating relationship with selfless love is imperishable.

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