Mature Dating - Mature Relationship Rules

Published: 23rd August 2009
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Mature dating can overcome lots of relationship problems. But even the most mature people need rules of some sort to have a good relationship. Mature dating doesn't come easily. Sometimes when you're dating someone it can be really easy to give up instead of pursuing a mature dating relationship. You like the person and it's not going exactly the way you want so you take a relationship that is less than you deserve in order to keep it going. That's not going to work. If you want a mature relationship you need to keep going. Mature dating is all about pursuit: if you don't pursue it, it's not going to happen.

Rules for Mature Dating

Dating relationships are hard. And when you're pursuing mature relationships, they're even more difficult. The problem is not everyone is interested in mature dating. And when you are, it's something that you need to both demand from someone else and pursue it yourself. So, how do you do that? These seven steps may seem easy, but they take daily work and dedication.

1. Don't accept rudeness. Seriously. Anyone who treats you rudely and doesn't respect you should be dropped without question.

2. Check out other men or women, if you must, but do it discreetly. And don't say anything out loud. It is okay to admire, as long as you don't pursue the interest in any way.

3. Don't like something about the person? Even if it's something unimportant like the way he rolls up his pants after he eats too much or the way she giggles or talks about herself, it's okay to drop the person. Those things may be little, but they'll grow to become super annoying.

4. Don't let her win and don't intentionally lose to him. He's a big boy. She's a big girl. Real competition can be stimulating and fun. Besides, some people are just better at things. And you do need to accept that sooner or later.

5. Demand romance. Romance is an essential for any relationship. The reason for this is it makes you stronger. It keeps you both happy and it makes both of you feel special.

6. If you can look, the other person can, too. That's mature dating. But don't sit back and let him or her flirt or even talk to the other person. At some point, it's perfectly okay to interrupt the other person's conversation and remind them that the two of you are together. (Don't worry: jealousy can be a huge turn-on. And for your sake, that kind of behavior shouldn't be tolerated.)

7. Tell him or her what turns you on. Back massages? Cuddling? Making out? Everything? Tell the person what turns you on and what you like. Don't expect him or her to guess.

Mature dating can be incredibly difficult, but it's also a worthwhile pursuit. When you're in a mature dating relationship, but of the people involved respect one another and want what's best for one another. In other words, you're putting the other person first. That's a relationship that you need to work on because most of the time, you put yourself first. In other words, mature dating requires pursuit.

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