Professional Matchmaker - What Does a Professional Matchmakers Do?

Published: 29th June 2009
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Everyone has friends who are always trying to set other friends up with people. Their matchmaking tendencies might make people mad, and it might get them into trouble, but more frequently, they end up starting a relationship. A professional matchmaker also hooks people up. But they have a wider network and they match you based on your specific characteristics to help you find your perfect match.

Responsibilities of a Professional Matchmaker

Professional matchmakers screen their potential clients. This keeps them from hooking other clients up with less-than-savory characters. For parents with young children, this should come as a relief: you don't need to do the background check. It's already been done for you.

When you meet someone, you make assumptions about people based on the way they look, how they act and what they say. Professional matchmakers do the same thing. They are trained to make an analysis of what they see to determine the type of person they're working with. Professional matchmakers record basic details about a person, including names, hair color, eye color, average size and clothing. They observe accessories your carrying and any jewelry you're wearing. They'll notice if you're carrying name brand items or the generic items. All this contributes to who you are and tells them about the person you want to be with.

Like online matchmaking services, professional matchmakers take time to get to know their clients. Anyone who has filled out one of those uber-long internet forms, has a general idea of what the matchmaker is observing about you. They talk to their clients to find out what their social skills are like, to determine how open and receptive they are. People talk about the things they like, their hobbies, their beliefs and their interests. Professional matchmakers pick up on these clues and tie them into the other things they observe about you and what you say you're looking for. This gives them a fuller picture of who you are and lets them help you find someone complementary to you.

Your friends who hook you up might know some of this, your co-workers might know some of this, but their networks aren't as extensive as yours. Remember, they're not just gathering the type of information they take from you about one or two people. Some professional matchmakers have clients around the world, so they already have more people they could introduce you to than you could meet on your own, even with the help of your friends.

Other responsibilities of Professional Matchmakers include:

*Routinely checking for new clients

*Looking for matches for you

*Looking for matches for other clients

*Gathering new clients

*Setting clients up on dates

*Listening to clients report on the success or failure of a particular match

What Does This Mean For You?

Professional matchmakers aren't miracle workers, so they might not be able to find the perfect person for you. But, if you're open and receptive and willing to go on a date or two with some of the possibilities they find for you, it could be worth your while. But remember, this is their job, and they do charge a lot. They're working hard for you to help you find happiness. And if you're willing to work with them, the professional matchmaker could help you find your perfect match.

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