Women Seek Men WIth Security

Published: 21st September 2009
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The nature of women seeking men has been in existence since the incarnation of this universe. It's not restricted to only humans. This nature and psychology of seeking men also exists in almost all the known species living on earth. Female counter parts have always been seeking their male (men) counterparts in all the species. It is also seen that the phenomenon to attract male counterpart by females also exists in most of the species. It's only in some species as peacock that male counterparts try to attract female counter parts by performing different tricks such as the famous peacock dance.

Women seek men for myriad of reasons. These reasons include physical attraction, emotional weakness, physical weakness and also social security. Women since ages have been exploited in almost all the civilizations. Since the known birth of the present day civilizations, there have been many stories prevalent in the history that depicts that women have always been oppressed by men. This oppression has developed as a kind of depression in the women counterparts. This depression is mainly because of the kind of male chauvinist societies existing since ages and also due to the physically weak body of the women. One reason for this is the physical built and the sort of activities women are usually engaged in since babyhood. Women in their upbringing are more sheltered as compared to men.

Girl children have always been over protected as their parents always considers them as weaker than boys, Due to the over protectionist nature of the parents, the girl child is never given ample opportunity to work upon items that build up the human body muscles. As the girl child is never provided with such opportunity, their muscles remain weak. Now due to this very nature, girl child when grows to an age of around eight to twelve years, find it difficult to work upon items that require hard physical labor. Due to this a psychology is developed in the girl child that they are incapable of working hard. As a result of this psychology, the girl child when grow up still needs some supporting member or friend in order to perform those tasks which they consider themselves as incapable of handling. Hence, men comes into picture and women seek men desperately then.

The social oppression which is another major reason for women desperately seeking men has resulted in development of a psychology (although silently) among women that they need social protection. This way women have been treated in the society, it seems that due to the male chauvinist society and physically weak nature of women, men can do whatever with women and at whatever time. This has created a sort of fear in the minds of women and it is for this reason only that women seek men. With their men, they have trust upon them as they do all the things to keep them ple4ased. Due to this, women feel that their beloved men will never betray them and in case any other man tries to hurt them, then their beloved male counterparts will protect them.

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